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Helping Others Move into Empowerment

H.O.M.E. Connect is a project with a mission to collaborate, coordinate, and connect services to improve the continuity of care to the homeless population of Clayton County. This includes a myriad of servicing including food security, medical services, permanent housing support, and more. Through strategic collaboration and intentional programming, H.O.M.E. Connect will bring the community together for a common cause.

H.O.M.E. Connect Workshop #1

Join the H.O.M.E. Connect Workshop, where experts and innovators will explore creative solutions to serving the unhoused in Clayton County.

Saturday, September 30  10am – 12pm EDT

  • Problem

    GAPS IN SERVICES - Our observation tells the story of both the crisis of homelessness and home readiness growing in our community and the gap left between many county organizations seeking to meet a need.

  • Solution

    *H.O.M.E. Connect Summit *H.O.M.E. Connect Workshops *H.O.M.E. Connect App

  • Success

    H.O.M.E. Connect will see organizations throughout the county participating in a collaborative working space that provides ease of access to resources that are available to people experiencing homelessness in Clayton County.

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"The greatest of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. -Coretta Scott King

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    H.O.M.E. Connect Summit, Workshop, and App Sponsorships

    *Keynote Speaker Honorarium *Banners *Community Facilitator *Workshop materials (binders, course content, pens) *Printing costs *Facilities *Food (Breakfast and lunch for Summit and 2 workshops) *Promotional materials (flyers, swag, etc.) *H.O.M.E. Connect App development

    Community Impacts

    Conversations From the Field


    Navigating getting access to services can be challenging when attempting to coordinate between different organizations. Many homeless persons qualify for SSI and Medicaid, but we need information from multiple sources t assist them. - Nicole Richardson, Tropical Health Referral Services


    We encounter people with a range of needs including employment, transportation, and childcare. Additionally, some struggle with mental health and substance abuse, which contribute to chronic homelessness. Many also face displacement due to inflation. We need support to provide a larger scope of services on a daily basis. - Angel Taylor, Rock Church of Atlanta & FPMA


    With 75% of families enrolled in our Homeless Education Department living in double-up housing and the cost of rent skyrocketing, the primary need is affordable housing. Also, parents need employment opportunities that provide livable wages to provided for their families. - Sonia Davis, CCPS Homeless Education Dept.

    H.O.M.E. Connect

    Sponsorship Levels

    Tiny H.O.M.E. Level $100
    Town H.O.M.E. Level $250
    H.O.M.E. Level $500
    Mansion Level $1,500
    Governor's Mansion Level $3,000

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